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Scroll Saw Tips and Tricks for

Safety First - As far as powered woodworking tools go, the scroll saw is among the safest. However, do not be fooled - Any power tool can be dangerous. You'll want to wear your safety goggles as usual and have good ventilation and a mask.

Keep your fingers clear of the blade and mind the reciprocating arm of the scroll saw as it can easily break a finger or even worse. Most scroll saws are equipped with a spring in the arm so that when a blade breaks, the broken top half does not fly down into the project or your hand. Regardless, it would be nice to know whether your saw will react this way or not.

Use the work piece guard to hold down your project snugly, while still allowing it to move freely. As you become more experienced, you may decide that the guard is not necessary or that it even gets in the way. 7s a beginner, you should use the guard.

The scroll saw is a great tool for young woodworking students to learn. It cuts slowly, so there's less "quick-thinking" to do. If you ever get stuck, you can just shut the power off and relax. You should always remain alert while working with any machine - and good lighting is essential.

Choosing a Scroll Saw - There are many features to consider when choosing a scroll saw which you might not think about before you know the hobby, but once you do know the "ins and outs", you may quickly wish you had thought of these things prior to your purchase:


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